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A specialist family, couple and individual therapy service.

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Systemic therapy can help families, couples and individuals to understand and support each other in expressing difficult emotions and thoughts in a safe way. If something feels stuck or reoccurring, a systemic approach can help you to think about this from multiple perspectives. 

This form of therapy can be short or long term. Sessions occur fortnightly or less frequently, because we believe that shifts occur in-between sessions. More information can be found on the Association of Family Therapy (AFT) Website:

I offer online working for the convenience, and a face to face space can also be offered. 

Not sure where to start? Get in touch for a complimentary consultation.

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As individuals, we live within our social and cultural environment. This impacts personal and professional relationships with ourselves and others. These multiple realities are what can give us insights in to some of the recurring patterns in our lives.

I will help you to connect with significant experiences, beliefs, and values to explore how they are shaping you today. In doing this, we can focus on what you want to keep, and what you would like to let go. 




Relationship problems are often best treated within those relationships. Thinking about problems in the context that they occur means that we do not have to spend time thinking about where these issues came from, but more on what is preventing you from resolving them. I will provide couples a space to think about what you each bring to your relationship, and how this is contributing to the patterns formed today.




Families are a melting pot of feelings, some more challenging than others. I am interested in hearing from all members of your family, to understand the different perspectives you each have about the problem. In doing this, I will support you to start to form a new and emerging story, and encourage you each to find your voice in different and creative ways.



Cultural lens

Psychotherapeutic approaches strive to consider experiences from all backgrounds, and races. Most of the time, this can be difficult terrain, leaving aspects of a minority group's story, unheard. It can be this hidden narrative, that provides a voice to the unsaid, and unlocks a path to healing relationships.

If this resonates with you, and you want to discuss working with black and or Asian, minority therapists, get in touch. 

Team Meeting


For Your Workplace

I help teams, organisations, and businesses to think about their vision and goals, within a wider social context. This is a collaborative approach that aims to shift people from individual thinking to thinking more systemically.

A constant feedback loop will allow you to start to recognise significant moments in the consultation, so that change can continue beyond the consultation process.

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Where traditionally psychotherapy is offered by one therapist, a systemic model provides the thoughts, interpretations, and views of a team of trained and experienced Systemic Psychotherapists', providing multiple lenses for some of life’s difficulties. 

The advantage of team working is that they are part of the process, and notice and reflect on the conversations being had, offering their inner dialogue to help shift stuck patterns. 

A team approach can be used throughout therapy or a team can be recruited when or if, it feels appropriate.      

Low cost appointments 

I offer limited low cost appointments based on individual need. If this sounds helpful to you, please do get in touch to discuss.  

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