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Unlocking Love: 7 Steps to Break Free from Relationship Blocks and Find True Connection

Understand the roots of relational patterns with my free 7 step guide, a systemic approach to love and dating. 

What You'll Discover:

  • Identify relationship blocks

  • Explore the influence of intergenerational family patterns

  • View dating from a systemic angle

  • Understand the origins of your communication style

  • Begin your journey towards vulnerability

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"Manjit was able to listen and reference things said in previous sessions in relation to what was being brought on the day - making an overarching theme and working towards a therapy goal a lot easier. She was also able to embody and reflect emotions back to us as we were in our material, making the experience in total more embodied and less purely intellectual - to me this is the best kind of therapy".

Anon, Couple Therapy

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